What's Payleven?

Payleven was a fin-tech startup based in Berlin.
Its products targeted small and medium business were merchants needed a handy solution when it comes to POS payments, similar to what Square does in US. The company has been acquired by SumUp in 2016.

My Role

My role was to take care of the entire product design, from Web products, Landing Pages and Mobile apps.
We used to structure our work by having feature teams, we discussed about possible features to achieve company goals, always aiming at our main KPIs. The design process started from user research and eventually moved into ideation/prototyping phase. Once a paper or lo-fi prototype was ready, tested and validated with real merchants, we moved into deliverables and implementation phase.


Constant interviews, A/B tests and user tests helped us to keep both Mobile and Web products up to date with the latest standards. We used different approaches when it comes to qualitative research, such as approaching people on the streets and ask some questions about their experience as clients, but also by having a shared experience with our merchants at their shops.


Payleven product lineup consisted of two mobile apps (Android and iOS) and a web platform.
By working on both of them I had the opportunity to create consistency across all touch points and make payleven a familiar experience in its entire ecosystem.


As soon as Apple announced the first Apple Watch, we decided to create a dedicated app for Payleven. We set together, and thought about the advantages of having a watch application when it comes to merchants. Thanks to our previous research we knew that the most important things for our merchants were to have a constant overview of the daily income and the latest transactions.